Indian Head Gold Coins

Indian Head Gold Coins

indian head gold coins

Indian Head gold coins are an easy way to get this done because furthermore they contain gold, but they’re considered a enthusiasts products that you could store and safe, yourself.  If you are searching to obtain mentioned by purchasing gold, including gold Indian head coins we advise this website here.

Indian Head Gold coin Historic Data

This kind of gold coin was launched in 1908 and created by an artist named Bela Lyon Pratt.  The idea was to produce a gold coin which was diverse from the liberty head coins which were popular at that time.

Bela analyzed under Augustus Saint-Gaudens whom produced several pieces and lots of other famous coins.
The gold coin was struck from 1908-1929.
There are three versions the half eagle ($5.00 gold coin) and also the quarter eagle ($2.50) and also the eagle ($10.00).Click here to read more and see Indian Head Gold Coins samples.