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Liberty Head Gold Coins

liberty head gold coins

The Liberty gold coin, also called the  Liberty Head coin or even the Coronet is really a double eagle ($20)  gold coin from the United States. The “eagle”-based terminology (“eagle,” “half-eagle” and “quarter-eagle”) for American coins is rooted within an Act of Congress that approved the establishment from the U.S. Mint and also the regulating U.S. coins. The very first double
bald eagle was struck in 1849 throughout the California Gold Hurry and today resides within the Smithsonian Institution in Washington,

Underneath the Mint Act of 1792, the biggest denomination gold coin was the $10 gold eagle. Within the 1830s, various people
recommended the issuance of a big American gold coin that was ultimately considered following the California Gold Rush,
when great levels of gold grew to become available. An invoice permitting for that issuance from the gold dollar and also the double eagle eventually passed both in houses and signed by Leader James K. Polk on March, 3, 1849. After several conflicts at the Philadelphia Mint, Chief Engraver James B. Longacre designed the gold coin also it began being created in 1850.Click here to read more and see Liberty Head Gold Coins samples.